Physiotherapy for Women's Health


Andrea Baker is the founder of Restore Pelvic Physiotherapy. Andrea is motivated by a desire to be better able to assist women in overcoming the "unspoken" issues that women may experience. These are often confronting and at times embarrassing issues to share. She does this with empathy, passion and experience. Empathy, because she is a mother of 3 herself and knows the issues associated with pre and post pregnancy. Passion, because of her desire to care for others. And experience because she has worked in the specialist area of Women's Health for over 10 years. Her aim is to provide holistic care to women of all ages, so that all aspects of a woman's problems are addressed. Andrea often liases with other health care professionals in order to better provide more balanced care.


Health Insurance Rebates and Medicare Rebates available


Clinic Details

Ph: 0411 147 799


Mobile Home visits available:

Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri

9am - 4pm

Servicing as far north as Coomera down to Pottsville



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